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          Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power

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          YTLQ10-XX 10Kv airtight three-phase AC current sensor

          YTLQ10-XX series current sensors detect current based on LPCT principle, three-phase integrated structure, epoxy resin casting, fully enclosed insulation, safe and reliable, suitable for common box outdoor pole-mounted circuit breakers with good anti-condensation performance (ZW20) Or outdoor pole-mounted load switch (FZW28) installation, suitable for current measurement (metering) and protection in AC 50/60Hz lines with the highest voltage of 12kV and below.

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          Three Phase Current Sensor

          current sensor

          Epoxy casting


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          YTLQ10-XX 10Kv airtight three-phase AC current sensor


          ZW32I-12T630 deep fusion pole-mounted circuit breaker

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