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          voltage & current sensors

          Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power

          10 KV plug type three-phase AC voltage sensor

          YTJD10-XX plug-type three-phase AC voltage sensor is based on capacitive voltage division + isolation structure detection voltage, assembled at the plug position of the European-style plug head of the ring network cabinet, with small size, light weight, high precision, good linearity, easy installation Convenient and other advantages, suitable for measuring three-phase voltage and zero-sequence voltage in ring main unit.

          YTJLW10-32 10kv outdoor voltage and current combination sensor

          YTJLW10-32 type 10kV outdoor voltage and current combination sensor is an AC voltage that meets the technical specifications of the national grid primary and secondary fusion equipment, and is designed and manufactured in accordance with the group standard T/CES018-2018 "Technical Conditions for 10kV and 20kV AC Sensors in Distribution Networks" , Combined current sensor The combined sensor is installed on the outlet end of the high-voltage switch on the ZW32 column to detect phase sequence voltage, zero sequence voltage, phase sequence current and zero sequence current at the same time. It has high accuracy, small size, light weight and low power consumption. low merit.

          YTLQ10-XX 10Kv airtight three-phase AC current sensor

          YTLQ10-XX series current sensors detect current based on LPCT principle, three-phase integrated structure, epoxy resin casting, fully enclosed insulation, safe and reliable, suitable for common box outdoor pole-mounted circuit breakers with good anti-condensation performance (ZW20) Or outdoor pole-mounted load switch (FZW28) installation, suitable for current measurement (metering) and protection in AC 50/60Hz lines with the highest voltage of 12kV and below.

          ZW32I-12T630 deep fusion pole-mounted circuit breaker

          The ZW32I-12T630 deep fusion pole-mounted circuit breaker adopts a three-pole linkage structure driven by a spring operating mechanism. Each phase pole integrates a vacuum interrupter, a voltage and current sensor, and a power-taking capacitor to realize line opening and closing, voltage and current detection, and power extraction. electricity and other functions. Meet the development requirements of distribution network automation, miniaturization and intelligence. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, and maintenance-free. Both ends of the incoming and outgoing lines are equipped with voltage sensors and capacitors to take power. In addition to being used as a boundary circuit breaker, it can also be used as a segment and connection circuit breaker

          YTJN10-XX 10kV indoor three-phase AC voltage sensor

          YTJN10-XX 10kV indoor three-phase AC voltage sensor is a 10kV three-phase AC voltage sensor that adopts capacitive voltage division + isolation structure, and can be used for 10kV indoor central cabinet, ring network cabinet three-phase voltage, zero-sequence voltage Measurement. Product naming rules: 2. Features This product is different from the traditional electromagnetic AC transformer. It adopts capacitive voltage divider + isolation structure, which has high precision, good linearity, wide frequency band, small size, light weight, high reliability, high ground impedance (≥1000MΩ), etc. It is widely used in the measurement of three-phase voltage and zero-sequence voltage in 10kV indoor central cabinets and ring main cabinets. ? 3. Implementation and Reference Standards 3.1. T/CES 018-2018 Specifications for 10kV and 20kV AC Sensors in Distribution Networks 3.2. GB/T 20840.7-2007 Transformers Part 7: Electronic Voltage Transformers 3.3.IEC-60044-7 electronic voltage transformer 4. Basic parameters Rated primary voltage: 10000/√3 V Rated secondary voltage: 3.25/√3 V Rated secondary zero sequence voltage: 6.5/3 V Accuracy level: 0.5/3P Rated voltage factor: 1.2 (continuous), 1.9 (8h) Rated load: 1MΩ Power frequency withstand voltage: 42kV (1min) Partial discharge level: ≤10pC (14.4kV) Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 75kV/85kV Working environment: -40℃~70℃ 5. Structural parameters Size: 375*148*90mm (base size can be customized)
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